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Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a popular option for any personal or business website that is just getting started online. It is sometimes called shared services or virtual hosting as multiple websites share the same server, thus reducing the cost for all.


Purchasing a new domain name is not necessary with your Linux Shared Hosting Plan. You can use your existing domain with our Linux Web Hosting Service without having to purchase a new one. During the checkout flow, you just have to select the option of using an existing domain name and you are good to go.

With all of our Linux Shared Hosting services include cPanel, the most popular and powerful Web Hosting Control Panel.

Managing your databases  can be done through phpMyAdmin. 

Adding new or removing old email accounts can be done within the cPanel.

We don't like to judge...Most providers offer 'a' website builder. offers over 30 different website builders from easy drag and drop builders to WordPress.
We even have a drag and drop WordPress solution too!

We like to make sure our service is simple and easy to use so that you can get online and do more business.

Email Accounts

Giving your business a more professional look  by branding your regular email ID with your company's domain name (example:

With, you also benefit from the latest email hosting servers that gives you the best uptime, least latency and maximum reliability.

Plus, our Business Email Hosting service is provided on the cloud.

You can add email accounts as your business grows through your own portal.

You can use any desktop-based email client such as Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express / Mozilla / Eudora / Entourage 2004 / Windows Mail, etc.

We have a guide that will help you configure different email clients.

For mobile use, you can use IMAP to read and respond to email on the go.

We have zero tolerance for SPAM.

It is against our policy to send unsolicited / bulk emails and spam.

"Safe lists", purchased lists or selling of lists will be treated as spam as well.

Accounts identified as 'spammers' without prior notice are subject to immediate termination as per our terms.


Auto Responders are the best way to let a customer know that the message the sent you was received.

Our online system provides space to insert a message for every email account you create.


WordPress Hosting

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) / blogging platform that allows the creation of a website in PHP without the need to code.

WordPress Hosting is a web hosting product that is optimized for WordPress, usually comes with WordPress pre-installed and also has a custom panel to manage the order.

Our WordPress Hosting plans are hosted on the Cloud and are designed to deliver speed, optimized security, backups, scalability and automatic updates.

If you own a website which receives medium-to-high traffic and has been seeing performance issues, you should consider WordPress.

WordPress is a rock-solid foundation to support high traffic. You should see an improvement in your website performance (including page load times) as soon as you shift.

In addition to this, we update your WordPress core automatically to give you a secure and hassle-free hosting experience.

We are happy to help you migrate your current WordPress website to - completely free!

Your website is assured of exceptional performance with MilfordMedia's Hosting Plans, thanks to our carefully designed Intel powered hardware that delivers fantastic power, reliability and efficiency.


We pride ourselves for being an experts in eCommerce. 

We offer more than 15 eCommerce platforms from Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, to name a few. 

We can help you build an eCommerce store quickly so you can  manage everyday orders for various products through a single panel. With  our service, you can promote products, track and ship orders, manage the content, update  and maintain a product catalogue on the site, integrate and simplify payments through gateways such as PayPal, Venmo, Stripe and more. 

Partner with logistic companies such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, etc.

Tune Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the website and manage customer accounts all online.

Well that's the magic phrase that many are asking.

Once you have decided on a domain name, platform and payment gateway, the rest is easy... Right?

There is a multitude of steps involved, but it starts with securing a good reliable hosting provider like

We can help you sort through the sea of technology, add-ons and get you setup with a fast, reliable solution.

With every account, we offer email services to promote your product line.

Email Marketing is best with an outside service provider like Constant Contact or MailChimp.

However, if you're not there yet, most eCommerce applications include an email marketing  option.

If you're not sure how to take advantage of these benefits, please contact us for a free consultation.

In the old days...
It used to be tough.
To build a store you would need a Developer, Designer, Product Manager...and the list could be endless.

Now, using the latest the industry has to offer, building a website can be done by anyone with the will to learn.
If you have the ablity to shop online, you have the ablity to create your own store.

Most eCommerce solutions provide pre-designed templates, intuitive features, drag-and-drop functionality, built-in marketing and so much more.
The upfront cost is affordable compared to 'the old days...'.
Today, you can build a site that will provide a positive online shopping experience and be simple to use and maintain.